CCFPro® is a powerful set of Cost Control & Forecasting Professional solutions relating to a Cost Code, Budget, Scope Changes, Purchase Orders, Commitments and Payments. By implementing CCFPro® project managers have the advantage of managing the variance between budget and commitments. This ability offers direct control over project moneys not yet spent. The Yet To Buy (YTB) and Allowance For Change (AFC) modules permits detailed financial control and development of targeted savings.

Management of Yet To Buy + Allowance For Change = Project Savings

CCFPro® is a multi-currency and multi-project tracking system with direct import/export capabilities from other popular databases and management tools, which served to reduce duplicate data entry. The capability to import data into a "Basket" has made CCFPro® a verification tool for other software used throughout the accounting and procurement departments. It has flexible report printing, rollover capabilities and the ability to track payment information. In addition, allows tracking reductions of Yet to Buys, Allowance for Change and Proposed Changes. A variety of reporting tools allows management to track a variety of projects serving different industries.

CCFPro® provides worldwide user support, training and project management assistance at the customer's request. Our team of professional software engineers provides customization to fit industry specific requirements, and our project managers are available for deployment worldwide.

CCFPro® has provided cost management for projects in the United States, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Israel, Costa Rica, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and China totaling approximately $24.2 billion to date providing savings of over $500 million.

As a result of CCFPro's ability to pioneer development ideas, CCFPro® has become the model for Cost Control & Forecasting solutions. As a project management tool CCFPro® offers flexibility, easy integration with other software tools, multiple financial reports in detail and summary formats, and working group real time project information supporting the decision making process.