The World's Most Powerful Cost Control & Forecasting Professional Tool,
Since 1993 over $24.2 Billion Dollars in projects

With the rise of costs for all aspects of manufacturing, particularly with the increase of gas prices, all companies should be seeking the most efficient and effective tools to manage and control costs.

The tools that CCFPro has developed are the most advanced and cost effective for all sizes of companies.

The key to successful project management and higher profits:

  1. Designed for the Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing Industry
  2. The world's best kept secret that we're about to share with you
  3. It will save you time and money

CCFPro is Reliable and Trouble Free

Over $24.2 billion in projects since 1993 in the China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Scotland, Singapore, and United States. This extraordinarily effective, and economical software is relied upon by the world's leading engineering and construction management companies and manufacturers. CCFPro is the trusted cost control and forecasting system delivering critical decision making data in a secure and stable environment.

CCFPro is Fast and Accurate

  • Tracks
  • Processes
  • Comprehensively reports all your critical project costs and budgeting information accurately and in real time

CCFPro is a single document system

You easily manage all your critical cost control data:

  • Budget
  • Change of Scope
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Commitments
  • Yet-to-Buy
  • Allowance for Change
  • Payments

All in one powerful set of modules. Correlate multiple cost codes into your Working Group Reports, facilitating the decision making process for the project lifecycle.

Real-time Management of your project dollars in a single Integrated Solution

In a single document system, easily manage all your critical cost control data: You can manage by budget, change of scope, purchase requisitions, commitments, Yet-to-Buy, Allowance for Change and Payments, all in one powerful set of modules. And, correlate multiple cost codes into your Working Group Reports, facilitating the decision making process for the project lifecycle.

  • Manage your Yet-To-Buy and Allowance-for-Change (target for savings) as you approve commitments
  • Powerful set of modules relating to Cost Code, Budget, Scope Changes, Purchase Requisitions, Commitments, Payments, Yet-To-Buys, Allowance for Change and Forecasts real time reported in one single document

CCFPro Reporting is Fast with access to information

You define how you wish your reports to be organized:

  • Provide you with an immediate-snap-shot of the project's finances with effective, cost control and forecasting information. Over 148 reports available within CCFPro, also easily exported to Excel templates
  • Maintain a decision-making-process for the project lifecycle. Import capability from Excel templates to bring in Cost Code, Budget, Scope Changes, Commitments, Payments, Yet-To-Buys and Allowance for Change
  • Manage a few, or Thousands of Projects with unlimited Cost Codes and extensive Account capabilities in an integrated solution
  • Define project Cost Code and Account Structure as detailed as you want or need with up to 6 levels.
  • Manage thousands of projects within a single software installation with their own account strategy, vendors and reports
  • Easily import your codes and accounts to any new project saving time
  • International, Multi-currency capabilities with automatic conversion of complete projects

CCFPro supports import and export of

  • Budget, Change of Scope, Commitments, Payments, Yet to Buy and Allowance for Change from Excel, Access and bTrive templates, directly into CCFPro
  • Its reports to Excel templates
  • Easy integration of data from popular scheduling, estimating and document management systems

CCFPro has Multiple User Access with the latest in Safety Controls

  • Sensitive data is protected from unauthorized users
  • You control who can go where and what resources they can access with personalized, role-based authorization
  • Users can personalize pages
  • Audit Trail reports are integrated

Purchase Requisition Management

Create, approve, and process purchasing requisitions within CCFPro with the capability of converting the Purchase Requisitions into approved Purchase Orders in one step

Web Deployment

  • The CCFPro Web Download/Support Center provides a convenient deployment platform for delivering client software, version updates, enhancements and customizations directly to end users
  • Full instruction reference manual available on the Web
  • Universal Web Support provides single sign-on capabilities across domains, personalized content, and user session management

CCFPro Support and Traning

  • CCFPro engineers are available worldwide for expert project and
    software support when you need it
  • 48 hour response turnaround support
  • Training by CCFPro engineers can get your projects and team quickly up to speed
    to take advantage of all of this powerful software's capabilities

Easy and Practical Integrated Administration

  • Self enrollment for users
  • Centralized or delegated administration functions


TONY O'CONNOR, Senior Cost Engineer /Project Controller from JACOBS Engineering, Ireland, started working in Cost Engineering in 1962 with the petrochemical industry and has used CCFPro since 1993 for large manufacturing plant construction projects worldwide, and has this to say,

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    "In 1962 project engineering was done with pencil and paper, and with a slide rule. I don't know how we did it back then, when I look back and I think about it, how did we do it? I think we bluffed our way through. Back then money was not a problem; scheduling was the only issue. In the '60s Cost Control was not an accurate science. You didn't know where you came from, you didn't know where you were, and you kind-of-knew where you were going.

    In 1993, The number one microelectronics company in the world brought Miguel F. Sarria onto the site and I think he had the first Cost Control system I had seen that had meaningful data. This company brought sophistication to cost control and CCFPro was able to integrate this sophistication. I have used CCFPro since 1993 with great success. In regards to commitment, forecasting and budget control it is an excellent tool. It made life very easy for me.

    Savings are the result of being able to have a handle on accurate real-time cost information on a daily basis. It took me two days to learn and understand CCFPro. The cost control principles are there. It has excellent multi-currency capabilities and has been very reliable through the years; never a problem. Multiple users worked fine and the export capabilities to Excel were very handy. It worked brilliantly well for me.

    In 1998, I worked solo on a $50 million dollar project in Cork, Ireland. CCFPro was my tool of choice for project management and it was so helpful. I did not have to wait to the end of the month to figure out where I was with my costs. I knew on a day to day basis where my project stood at any one time.

    I used CCFPro with the biggest Bio-Pharmaceutical project in Ireland, with a budget of over $2.3 billion dollars. Anita McDermott took over the administration for this project. The CCFPro support was superb from cradle to grave. It worked brilliantly. You need to know where you were, where you are at, and where you are going. CCFPro does all this.

    I could take CCFPro and manage any $500 million dollar project by myself. CCFPro adds value to project management. I would not like to be without CCFPro."

DAVE LANE, Cost Engineer & Co-Owner from McLane Associates Inc. has used CCFPro since 1993 for large manufacturing plants construction projects worldwide, and has this to say,

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    "We are a niche construction management firm that specializes in cost control and forecasting. Not so long ago the industry was only recording costs, but now CCFPro gives us real-time visibility to control costs as opposed to simply recording costs. CCFPro is a positive part of the current construction management evolution.

    CCFPro is used by The Number One Microelectronics Company in the World which is one of the most advanced in cost management technology today. They use this program because it is on the cutting edge of advancement in cost control.

    CCFPro gives you the ability to forecast items that have not yet occurred, manage information in great detail reporting it in a clear format showing the variance required to manage projects properly. The benefit of this control is that the project team can review the forecast to find alternative solutions to avoid extra costs by revising the schedule, changing materials, modifying design or other options. CCFPro is an excellent tool, their support has been very responsive on past projects, and we are currently rolling it out in Ireland, Israel, China, California, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    CCFPro can also be utilized to manage on-going facilities maintenance projects like tool install or even to simply control a facilities budget. For example: hospital tool renewal projects, cafeteria services, cleaning services, landscaping, or snow plowing.

    We have found that investing in CCFPro insures that no matter who inputs data or oversees project cost the program will provide valid information on a day-to-day basis. As an owner who cares about monitoring costs, this is a solid insurance program giving me the ability to make informed and therefore cost effective decisions.

    CCFPro is a must-have program."

SCOTT O'CONNELL Cost Engineer /Project Controller from McLane Associates, Inc. has used CCFPro since 1999 for large manufacturing plant construction projects worldwide, and has this to say,

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    "It's my single point of entry for an entire project. Every financial detail I need to know about a specific project is right in CCFPro; from original budget to revised budgets, forecasting, change of scope, commitments, spends, payments, invoices, vendor information, scheduled dates, payment dates etc. Everything is kept right in the one system which saves me a great deal of time.

    It's a great forecasting tool, as it gives me an accurate up to the moment snapshot of my budget, my costs and what I have yet to spend at any point in my projects. Instantly I can get a report that's up to date, with live (real time) data generating a timely forecast. Multiple users can conveniently enter information into the system, and it's a good step-by-step system which keeps user errors to a minimum.

    For Every situation or process you are in, there are a lot of prompt screens that literally tell you what you need to do so you won't make a mistake. I think the reporting is great; there is even more reports than you need; a ton of options to choose from to meet my needs.

    It's reliable. I've never had a system crash or had to start from scratch because of lost data during the years I've used it."